Friday, March 7, 2008


Wow it's been a year!! I forgot about this blog! haha old chemo brain coming back! Anyways, alot to tell but basically right now I'm going through a bit of a tough time. Had a scan and it looks like it's possibly pnuemonia but won't be able to fully tell till April 1st so I'll update this then! I am over 4 years in remission so this better not be a reoccurance! The uncertainty is definately getting the best of me! Thankfully, all doctors say it looks like an infection, but once you've been screwed by cancer it's hard to not go to the worse place in your mind because you've been to the worst place before and know it's possible. To be continued.....

Friday, February 2, 2007

New Year, New Blog, New Me

I'm starting a new blog. I used to have another but it got lost and I ended up using Myspace alot. I decided to start another, why not? When I have more time I will post about me. In general, I am a 28 year old young woman. I have a few causes that are near and dear to me like cancer awareness for young adults and also I enjoy volunteering at my local animal shelter. I'm a cancer survivor, over three years remission from Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell Lymphoma. My blog title stands for just that, I am a proud survivor and I enjoy helping out worthy causes, spending time with my family and friends and boy, Jon, and Penny Lane, my wonderful cat. I just quit a job that I really wasn't getting anywhere with and got a new job that I will be starting soon with an oh so famous Boston cancer hospital! I can't wait, I feel I am finally coming back into me after a journey through hell. Yes, I have anxieties still about reoccurance, but I will not let that crap hold me back. New Year, New Me baby!! 2007 and beyond will be me getting back "ME" <: